About Trust Capital Markets

The Next Generation of Investment Banking

The world has changed a lot since Black Monday sent the stock market into a tailspin in 1987. 401Ks and ETFs weren’t around thirty years ago, nor was 24/7 stock ticker information. From fintech to block chain and crypto currency, the financial industry is being reinvented every day. We think it’s time investment banking was reinvented, too. That’s Why We Created Trust Capital Markets.

Trust Capital Markets is an investment bank positioned for the next generation of finance. Trust Capital Markets is a new take on financial advisory services that combines the best of all worlds: the fresh thinking, creativity and enthusiasm of a growing division; the friendly, family atmosphere of a small firm, and the security and stability of a 30-year-old institution (TAG Group, Inc.).

Trust Capital Markets Focus

At Trust Capital Markets, our professionals leverage intellectual capital and expertise across sectors and asset classes to position our clients to outperform in their pursuits. Our client focused nature revolves around building long term relationships sustained by innovative and independent advice. We understand our success is a reflection of yours and are committed to providing high touch services to each client regardless of size.

TCM places integrity first and will adhere to a strict code of ethics in all circumstances. Our team takes pride in its agility with experienced insights allowing for anticipation of new opportunities and adaptability to quickly changing macro and micro economic conditions. Our extensive network keeps clients tapped into strong potential partnerships, cutting edge technology, and abundant resources to navigate any challenge.